Would you like a low-cost, no-hassle dinky little website?

Would you like a website that looks good, works on mobile devices, doesn’t get hacked, and doesn’t cost a fortune? Dinky Little Websites can set one up for you quickly and cheaply. Whether you’re after your own blog, you’re a small organisation or society which needs a website, or whether you’re running a business or an event, Dinky Little Websites has a range of options that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Website creation

I’ll take your text and pictures/logo and set you up with an attractive website that works on all size screens. If you’re happy to update it yourself (it’s not that difficult!) I’ll give you a guide on updating your site and making changes, and be on hand if you get stuck. If you want help in loading new content onto your site, I can help with that.

Click here to find out more about having a Dinky Little Website created for you, and updating options.

Other services

If you’ve got a website that isn’t working well, or are confused about content strategy, social media or the like, I can help you with that, both in terms of strategy, or hands-on.

Don’t be blinded by a shiny new website design, or promises of Search Engine Optimization being the solution to your problems. If you want real world solutions to real world issues, get in touch.

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