I was an ‘early adopter’ of the Internet and have been setting up websites for almost 20 years now. I’m not a programmer, nor a graphic designer, and my focus has always been on websites delivering useful information. Way back in 1998 I wrote a book ‘Making Sense of the Internet: A Guide for Small Voluntary Organisations’, which was well received and which went into a second edition in 2002.

My longest-standing website is BestSF, launched in 2000. As I’ve been living in Essex for 30 years, two other websites I run have a local focus – Essex Days Out and Essex Real Ale.

I’ve set up very simple websites like the one for The Colchester Tourist Guides Association. The Social Services Research Group is a more complicated one with a members-only area. I’ve also set up a number of short-term websites for publications and events – such as a book published to celebrate a very rare event – a Hartlepool United promotion season.

I’d be happy to create a dinky little website for you. Whether you’re someone wanting a personal blog, a website for a society, pub or restaurant, voluntary organisation, commercial company or whatever. And if you think you might struggle to find the time to update the site, I can help you with that.

If you’ve got an existing website than needs fixing or replacing, or want some related information or advice (I know my way around social media strategy, content strategy, SEO and so forth) do get in touch.

Mark Watson
07804 641267

October 2015