Martley CE Primary School in Worcester had, like many schools, a website that was several years old, difficult to maintain, and out of date. Time for Dinky Little Websites to step in!

They wanted their new site to be visually appealing, easy to maintain, and to have specific pages for each class in the school. Time for Dinky Little Websites to step in and build a new site with them.

martley1The new site use a simple (free) theme, and a simple (free) pagebuilder plugin, and a couple of simple (cheap) plugins to enable their staff to update the whole of the site by simply creating new content, and choosing appropriate WordPress ‘categories’ to ensure the content appears on exactly the correct part of the correct page for them.

There are plenty of pages on the site, and if you look at the Class Pages menu you will see the links to pages for each class, such as the Holly Class page. Each of the class pages uses the same structure (they could be different), and by ensuring images uploaded are the right dimensions and of a high enough resolution, the overall effect is more than pleasing.