Dinky Little Websites – an Advanced Site

An ‘Advanced Site’ from Dinky Little Websites will either get you into the more advanced elements that WordPress has to offer, or have lots more content. Or both.

edo1editedTake a look at my Essex Days Out site, which is a good example of an advanced site.

It uses a lot of the advanced features of WordPress, and has lots of content. The home page is a ‘widgetized’ home page, meaning that the various elements of the home page are set up by ‘widgets’. This means that you can easily change what blocks of content appear on your home page. It uses Google Adsense to deliver adverts (and earn income for the site). The two right-hand ‘sidebars’ can change depending on what page you’re looking at. The WordPress ‘categories’ option is used so that individual pages/posts can be brought together.

There’s a lot more you can do with WordPress, and to run an advanced site you probably need to have had some experience of WordPress in the past, or have a willingness to learn.

I charge £300 to set up an advanced site, but this may move in either direction depending on exactly what you want.

If you don’t have web hosting I can provide this, at an additional £50p.a. I’ll make sure the site is backed up, and also prompt you to make any updates when wordpress or any of the plugins are updated (or will do this for you as part of the annual payment if you like).

And if you really, really don’t want to update the site yourself, I offer a service to update it for you, up to twice a month, at an additional £50p.a. You can phone and dictate some text changes, or email me some changes, and I’ll make them for you. And if you want me to handle all the tricky stuff to leave you to concentrate on the content, we can arrange something.

Call me, Mark Watson, on 07804 641267 for a chat.